Reading Aloud?

This website is dedicated to the promotion of a simple concept: grown-ups entertaining each other by reading aloud for fun. There are serveral worthy organizations promoting parents reading aloud to children. Our interest is in grown-ups (sadly "adult" has taken on an internet meaning that rules out that word from our discussion).

We have become a nation of observers and consumers. We buy (or illegally download) our music rather than entertaining ourselves, we watch “Dancing with the Stars” rather than going out to the few dance venues for anyone over the age of 22. We vote in smaller numbers than before and when we vote we make our decision based on slick television adverts, not on personal participation in political organizations. State and local political committees, both Republican and Democrat, struggle to recruit members. Time was in America when attending political meetings and listening to “stump” speeches were highly popular leisure-time activities, just as was listening to, and critiquing, sermons. It's time we take back control of our lives, make our own decisions, learn again how to enjoy friends, and begin to enjoy entertaining ourselves and our friends.

The sponsors and friends of hope you will consider getting together with friends on an evening of enjoying the sound of each other's voices reading literature.

What to Read and How to Organize a Reading Group

  • Guide to Hosting a Literary Evening.
  • Selected Authors for Reading Aloud.
  • Past Literary Evenings Arranged by Mr. and Mrs. Trumbull.

    Some Background on Reading Aloud

    We surmise from the few literary mentions of silent reading in the ancient world that the ancient Greek and Romans often read aloud, but also silently.

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