Heat up Your Holidays

Saturday, December 14, 2002, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

At David and Mary's Place

Alan Browne

  • JOHN WATERS, "Why I Love Christmas" from Crackpot (read with D. Trumbull).

    David Lyon

  • "Black Adder's A Christmas Carol."

    Sharon Lyon

  • CHARLES DICKENS, A Christmas Carol.

    Anne Pease
    JUNE COTNER (ed.) selections from Book of Christmas Blessings

  • CLEMENT MOORE, "A Visit from St. Nicholas,"
  • G.K. CHESTERTON, "I Believe It Still," and
  • EDMUND H. SEARS, "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear."

    Pamela Siska

  • SYLVIA PLATH, "A Winter's Tale."
  • Juanita Tarnowski

  • "The Holidays are Here Again," "Christmas Joy," and "O, Bethlehem Town" by JOHN DANIEL, J. H. HOLMES, and JOHN MacKINNON.

    Bill Tarnowski

  • R. KIPLING, "Christmas in India."

    David Trumbull

  • EZRA POUND, "Ancient Music" and
  • JOHN WATERS, "Why I Love Christmas" from Crackpot (read with A. Browne).

    Mary DiZazzo Trumbull
    MARGARET TARRANTS (ed.), Christmas Garland, selections:

  • "The Christmas Story According to Saint Luke,"
  • ANGELO PATRI, "Real Christmas," and
  • "A Manicurist's A Week Before Christmas."

    Amy Pease Wright

  • CLAY HARRISON, "There's Nothing Quite Like Christmas" and
  • CRISWEL FREEMAN, "Christmas Cheer."