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The Ides of March 2006

Bettina Blake

           THE IDES OF MARCH 2006 

When Julius Caesar met his bloody fate 
The future was foretold by seers and signs. 
Chicken entrails, stars, ill-omened cards, 
Warned Shakespeare later as he penned his lines. 

But Boston's Back Bay Station boasts no seers, 
No necromancer's booth. The only writing on 
The wall, last March 15, urged all to board 
The New York train that I was getting on. 

Ensconced alone in comfort in my seat 
I read my notes and planned next day's return 
(No thought thereby misfortune to provoke). 

At last Penn Station was announced. We slowed 
And stopped. All passengers got up but me; 
I could not rise! It seems I'd had a stroke. 

Bettina Blake