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Rhymes with June

Bettina Blake

An original poem presented in conjunction with the sharing Hilary B. Price's Rhymes with Orange cartoons "Eileen Defers to the Professionals" (6/1/08) and "Puppet Row" (date unknown) and written in tribute to Steven Jens as he prepares to leave Boston to pursue an advanced course of study in Rochester, N.Y.
For a June-time platoon of tardy loons
The round moon had risen far too soon,
So they flew up high
To get to July
Where cicadas still crooned a full-moon tune.

What a concert! While bullfrog played the bassoon
Raccoon beat time on a battered spittoon.
The loons laughed long
At every song
Till at last the moon swooned like a spent balloon.

Where does this leave us (and none too soon)?
With Hillary Price, of the weekly cartoon,
"With Orange, Rhymes"
Or, in past times,
With Disney's original "Loony Tunes."

                      See ya!

Bettina Blake 
June 30, 2008 
[Note: while some pedants will protest that the "Loony Tunes" were produced by the Warner Brothers, not Walt Disney Productions, we defend our authoress who asserts the originality of Mr. Disney's production; his "Silly Symphonies" begining in 1929 predate the Warner entries by a few months.]