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Mary DiZazzo Trumbull

Crime Scene - 10/31/2019

  • HERBERT B. EHRMANN, Case That Will Not Die: Commonwealth Vs (Sacco and Vanzetti).

    Year of the Pig - 2/10/2019

  • ROALD DAHL, poem, "The Three Little Pigs."

    Bones - 10/28/2018

  • EDGAR ALLEN POE, "The Raven."

    Brush up Your Shakespeare - 4-21-2018

  • Wikipedia entry for murdered lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare.

    March Madness - 3-18-2018

  • LEWIS CARROLL, "Mad Hatter's Tea Party and Advice from a Caterpillar exerpts from Alice in Wonderland.

    Who Let the Dogs Out - 2/17/2018

  • EZRA DYER, "Puppy Love," from the Improper Bostonian, December 2017/January 2018.

    Do the "Wright" Thing - 6-11-2017

  • ARTHUR LAUETANO, exerpts from Do the Right Thing: A Surgeon’s Approach to Life.

    Year of the Rooster - 1-28-2017

  • ERIC ORMSBY, poem, "Rooster."

    It Was a Dark and Stormy Night - 10-29-2016

  • DANTE ALIGHIERI, Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita / mi ritrovai per una selva oscura, / ché la diritta via era smarrita, the opening line of Canto One of the Inferno in Italian and in the English translation by Pinsky.

    Mardi Gras - 2/6/2016

  • LORD BYRON, "So We'll Go No More a Roving."

    Diary - 8/2/2015

  • ANNE FRANK, Last entry in her diary, August 1, 1944 (71 years ago).
  • MARILYN MONROE, excerpts from her diary, as reproduced in the book, Fragments.

    Human Events - 7/5/2015

  • STEWART O'NAN, excerpt from West of Sunset.

    Bargain - 4/4/2015

  • From the motion picture "The Godfather," the "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse" scene.

    Wall - 11/22/2014

  • MARY ELISE SAROTTE, except from The Collapse: The Accidental Opening of the Berlin Wall.
  • VOLKER VIERGUTZ, excerpt "Graffiti and artwork of the Berlin Wall" from The Berlin Wall 1961 - 1989: Photographs from the Stock of the Archives of the Land of Berlin, with accompanying DVD.

    Blood - 10/31/2014

  • WM. SHAKESPEARE, MacBeth Act V Scene 1 ("Who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?")

    Burns Night - 1/25/2014

  • ROBERT BURNS, poems.

    Bewitched - 10/31/2013

  • WM. SHAKESPEAR, MacBeth Act IV Scene 1 ("Something Wicked This Way Comes")

    Work - 9/1/2013

  • MARY DIZAZZO-TRUMBULL, Beauty is La Familia & A Family Heirloom and A Tale of a Beauty Career.

    Secrets - 4/25/2013

  • JULIAN FELLOWES, Television drama script Downton Abbey, Season 1, Episode 3, end of Act 2 and beginning of Act 3 (Lady Mary and Mr. Pamuk).

    A Christmas Story - 12/8/2012

  • STEPHEN LEACOCK, "The Errors of Santa Claus" from Wet Wit & Dry Humour.

    For Those in Peril on the Sea - 4/13/2012

  • LOGAN MARSHALL, Chapter 15 "Jack Thayer's Own Story Of The Wreck," from Sinking Of The Titanic And Great Sea Disasters.

    Here There By Dragons - 1/20/2012

  • LEONARD LIPTON, "Puff, the Magic Dragon" (music by PETER YARROW).

    Dark - 10/22/2011

  • DANTE ALIGHIERI, beginning of Inferno (canto i, "unsa selva oscura") from The Divine Comedy and
  • Memorable lines from the 1966 television "soap opera" Dark Shadows.

    Dry - 9/25/2011

  • JACK KEROUAC, excerpt from Chapter 4 of On the Road and shared photos of places in Lowell, Mass., associated with Kerouac.

    Wet - 7/16/2011

  • JOSEPH BRODSKY, excerpt (pg 11-16) from Watermark and
  • CHARLES BUKOWSKI, excerpt (pg 21-25) from "Women" from Drinking, Smoking, & Screwing: Great Writers on Good Times.

    Gory/Gorey Valentine - 2/27/2011

  • EDWARD GOREY, "Ghastly Crumb Tinies" and some limericks

    Villians - 9/11/2010

  • MICHELE McPHEE, first four pages of Craigslist Killer: A Date with Death.

    Heroes - 4/10/2010

  • ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Second Inaugural Address and
  • MARK WAID, excerpt from the introduction to Superman in the Fifies.

    "Dear John"/Lover Letters - 2/12/2010

  • DOROTHY PARKER, "The Little Old Lady in Lavendar Silk".
  • A Valentine's Day poem my father cut from the newspaper and gave to my mother in 1953.
  • JOHN KEATS, A love letter to Fanny Brawne, from Newport, July 8, 1819.

    Disasters - 1/15/2010

  • HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW, "The Wreck of the Hesperus."

    The Beat Goes On - 9/5/2009

  • JACK KEROUAC, selections from On the Road and Dr. Sax and "About Naked Lunch."
  • ALLEN GINSBERG, selection.

    Vice Verse - 2/24/2009

  • ANNE SEXTON, "When Man Enters Woman."
  • RICHARD BRAUGHTIGAN, "I've Never Had It Done So Gently Before."
  • DOROTHY PARKER, "Ninon de Lenclos, on Her Last Birthday."

    Winter - 1/11/2009

  • ROBERT SERVICE, "Death in the Arctic" and "A Song of Winter"

    Hollywood/Bollywood - 11/14/2008

  • NITOO DAS, poems, "The Lover Imagines," "The Pebble and the Sea," "Pencil," "Vase," "Scissors," "Razor," "Written after a visit to an electric crematorium."

    Rhymes with June - 6/30/08

  • In a tunefull manner told the story of Brian Jones (1942-1969) founder of the rock band The Rolling Stones
  • PAT TOWNSHEND and MICK KIRTON, song lyrics "Sprit of Brian Jones."
  • PERCY SHELLEY, "Adonaïs"

    Run for the Roses - 5/3/2008

  • "Racing's Royal Bloodlines" from the May 2, 2008 Wall Street Journal: How it came about that all the entries in the 134th Kentucky Derby are from the line of "Native Dancer," a line that produces very fast horses with tendency toward ailments of the feet.

    Burns Night - 1/27/2008

  • Toast to the Laddies.

    Bounty - 11/18/2007

  • JENNINGS, FURTHMAN, & WILSON, Mutiny on the Bounty Screenplay, 1935
  • Wikipedia entry for Bounty paper towel
  • LINDA GREENLAW, "Thanksgiving" from Recipes from a Very Small Island

    Ghosts - 10/31/2007

  • BARBARA SMITH, selections Rudolph Valentino and Marilyn Monroe from Ghost Stories of Hollywood.

    Ides of March - 3/18/2007

  • Excerpts from Wikipedia entry for March 15.

    Love is Magical - 2/18/2007

  • J. K. ROWLING, excerpt "Harry Potter's Second Task" from The Goblet of Fire.

    Souls - 10/29/2006

  • DANTE ALIGHIERI, selection "Francesca and Paolo" from Inferno Canto V of The Divine Comedy.

    Baseball - 4/23/2006

  • ANGUS G. GARBER III, seleciton "Babe Ruth" from Baseball Legends and
  • Story of Mary's visit to Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y.

    Anniversaries - 3/26/2006

  • ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING (this year being the bicentenary of her birth), Number 18 from the Sonnets from the Portuguese and "A Woman's Shortcomings."
  • Birthdays - 3/19/2005

  • "Monday's Child Is Fair of Face, etc." by Mother Goose and a story about two men, both born in 1913 overheard at a recent Boston Browning Society affair arguing over who was the older.

    Talk About Sex - 2/12/2005

  • ANAIS NIN, seleciton form Henry and June.

    Masks - 10/30/2004

  • HENDRIK WILLEM VAN LOON, selection about the origin of opera in the masque from The Arts.

    Fallen Women - 9/25/2004

  • COLE PORTER, song lyrics "Love for Sale" and "My Heart Belongs to Daddy."

    Exotic Places - 6/19/2004

  • CAROLINE ALEXANDER, selection on the Bounty's landfall at Tahiti form The Bounty: The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty.

    Avian Literary Night - 5/29/2004

  • DAPHNE Du MAURIER, selections from The Birds.

    Food for Thought - 11/29/2003
    Selections from Eat Drink and Be Merry

  • TONY HARRISON, "A Kumqat for John Keats,"
  • COLE PORTER, "Sunday Morning Breakfast Time,"
  • (anon.) "Pease,"
  • STANLEY J. SHARPLESS, "In Praise of Cocoa," and
  • NOEL COWARD, "Something on a Tray."

    Death - 11/1/2003

  • Smithsonian Magazine, excerpts from article about Dracula Park in Romania,
  • PERCY SHELLEY, "Adonaïs"
  • JOHN DONNE, "Death Rebuked," and
  • JOHN MILTON, "Dream of a Dead Wife."

    Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll - 8/18/2003

  • FRAN LEBOWITZ, "If Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Shut Them" and
  • ROBERT BRAUTIGAN, "I've Never Had it Done so Gently Before.
  • And played CD of Janice Joplin singing "Piece of My Heart."

    American Dream - 7/3/2003

  • The Declaration of Independence.

    Fairy Tales - 4/21/2003

  • "Aladin or the Wonderful Lamp" from Arabian Nights

    Idylls of March - 3/1/2003

  • DANTE ALIGHIERI, Inferno, Canto V from The Divine Comedy.

    Let me Count the Ways - 2/15/2003

  • KEATS, love letters to Fanny Brawne from Historic Love Letters.

    Heat up Your Holidays - 12/14/2002
    MARGARET TARRANTS (ed.), Christmas Garland, selections:

  • "The Christmas Story According to Saint Luke,"
  • ANGELO PATRI, "Real Christmas," and
  • "A Manicurist's A Week Before Christmas."

    A Chill up Your Spine - 10/27/2002

  • WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, MacBeth, Act. IV ("Bubble, bubble toil and trouble...").

    Symposium - 7/2/2002

  • HOMER, "The Rage of Achilles" from Iliad.

    Dante and Chianti - 6/3/2002

  • DANTE ALIGHIERI, selection from Paradiso from The Divine Comedy.

    Poetry and Potation - 4/30/2002

  • WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet.

    Expose Yourself to Literature - 5/26/2001

  • JACK KEROUAC, selection about driving into Mexico from On the Road.