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Twelve Words That End in "oon" - A Quiz

Chris Morgan

Circle the definitions you think are correct. (One of the items below has two correct definitions.)
1. bigaroon
   a) Type of cherry
   b) French sauce
   c) Hot air balloon

2. aboon
   a) State of being too hot
   b) Above
   c) Bringing good luck

3. barracoon
   a) Slave warehouse
   b) Extinct fish
   c) Saloon mascot

4. bridoon
   a) Scottish coin
   b) Cover for a horseless carriage
   c) Snaffle and rein of a military bridle

5. cardoon
   a) Large plant in artichoke family
   b) Sweater for short people
   c) Scottish credit card

6. dahoon
   a) Gigolo
   b) Evergreen shrub
   c) Type of ruler used in India
 7. eftsoon
    a) State of not having efted yet
    b) Again or anew
    c) Newt-like

 8. gaboon
    a) Type of tree
    b) Talkative person
    c) Circular desk

 9. picaroon
    a) Swordholder at bullfights
    b) Pirate
    c) Book size smaller than octavo

10. simoon
    a) Far side of the moon
    b) Inhabitant of Simoa
    c) Hot, dry wind

11. rigadoon
    a) Gay, lively dance for one couple
    b) French cake
    c) Variant of "spittoon"

12. saskatoon
    a) Seltzer water
    b) Type of fruit
    c) Canadian city
1. a
2. b
3. a
4. c
5. a
6. b
7. b
8. a
9. b
10. c
11. a
12. b or c
1. shoon
   a) Variant past tense of "shone"
   b) Variant plural of "shoe"
   c) 1950s Western film

2. shalloon
   a) Salt-water pool
   b) Type of vegetable
   c) Worsted cloth

3. spontoon
   a) Pike
   b) Eskimo spear
   c) Impromptu song

 4. testoon
    a) Italian coin
    b) Saddle ornament
    c) Decorate

 5. matzoon
    a) Art frame
    b) Small cracker
    c) Yoghurt-like food

 6. lardoon
    a) Bacon or other fat pork
    b) Add to
    c) Australian bird

1. b
2. c
3. a
4. a
5. c
6. a