Run for the Roses

Saturday, May 3, 2008, beginning at 4:30 p.m.

At David and Mary's Place

A literary evening following the 134th running of the Kentucky Derby

Charles Duncan

  • Read, as poetry, the names of the Derby winners and of champion roses.

    Barbara McIntosh

  • RON McLARTY, synopsis of Memory of Running and question to group "Do you think that people can change their lives profundly without initially intending to do so?"

    Chris Morgan

  • LEWIS CARROLL, "The Queen's croquet party" from Chapter VIII of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (from an edition signed by Alice Liddell)
  • GEORGE ADE, excerpts from "The Fable of How Uncle Brewster Was Too Shifty for the Tempter" from More Fables.

    Anne Pease

  • DAN FOLGELBERG, popular song lyric "Run for the Roses."
  • Mary DiZazzo Trumbull

  • "Racing's Royal Bloodlines" from the May 2, 2008 Wall Street Journal: How it came about that all the entries in the 134th Kentucky Derby are from the line of "Native Dancer," a line that produces very fast horses with tendency toward ailments of the feet.

    David Trumbull

  • WALKER PERCY, exerpts from "Bourbon, Neat" as published in the Claremont Review, fall 2001.

    Lydia Umaschi

  • CARLOS GARDEL (and ALFREDO LE PERA), Tango "Por Una Cabeza" ([losing] by one [horse] head).
  • JORGE LUIS BORGES, selections from interviews.

    Amy Pease Wright

  • Poem "Mystery Lady"

    Jean Wilson

  • ROBERT BENCHLEY, "They're Off!" from Benchley Lost and Found.