Rhymes with June

Monday, June 30, 2008, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

At David and Mary's Place

Bettina Blake

  • BETTINA BLAKE, Rhymes with June

    Susan Imrie

  • Led us in a parlor game where each person added to a story a sentence ending with a rhyme for June; the next person's addition had to logically follow from the previous, so that at the completion of the circle we had a complete rhymed tale.

    Steven Jens

  • A tunefull selection on the development of harmony from AARON COPELAND, What to Listen for in Music.

    Chris Morgan

  • CHRIS MORGAN, Twelve Words That End in "oon" - a Quiz

    Maria Paige

  • ROBERT SERVICE, The Shooting of Dan McGrew a tale of a tune played in a saloon.
  • Bill Tarnowski

  • WILLIAM TARNOWSKI, A Neo-Spiritual."

    Juanita Tarnowski

  • EVELYN HILLER ("Ev. E. Lyn"), TED SNYDER, & FRANCIS WHEELER, song, "Under the Moon (You oo oo oo)," 1927

    Mary DiZazzo Trumbull

  • In a tunefull manner told the story of Brian Jones (1942-1969) founder of the rock band The Rolling Stones
  • PAT TOWNSHEND and MICK KIRTON, song lyrics "Sprit of Brian Jones."
  • PERCY SHELLEY, "Adonaïs"

    David Trumbull

  • H. ALLEN SMITH, excerpts from Chapter XV "Of Bananas and Crosbys" from Life in a Putty Knife Factory including the words croon, saloon, and rigadoon.

    Jean Wilson

  • EDWARD LEAR, "The Owl and the Pussy Cat."